I’ve posted this before, but I was singing it again today. I dedicate this song again to my friend George Schulman, who passed away on us a long time ago, but who I still remember so fondly. May his memory be blessed.

The song was written by Tom Paxton – one of his signature songs.

I never care much for nostalgia. Sure, I love to talk about the Bronx and things like the Jack Benny Program or You Bet Your Life, and all the other favorites from my childhood. I could go on about the 1969 NY Knicks, or my favorite rock groups. But I won’t. It’s too easy a rap. I wrote a book about the Bronx and it recalls the Bronx of the seventies and my life there. However, in my opinion it’s not nostalgic or nostalgia-driven.

George is in it. He’s the only one I consciously put in. He’s called Frank Lombardo in the book. Anyhow, we had some good times. That’s not nostalgic, is it?