Here’s a song to accompany you on your bus ride and to strenghten your political resolve. And if you sing out loud it’s OK.IMG_1224

As Sandra Marvinsky sat on the bus she listened to This Land is Your Land played by Bumba and Maybank. She hadn’t heard the song done that way before. It was a great song no matter how you played it. Even Bumba couldn’t mess it up. As she sat on the bus, she looked out the window, and unconsciously she began to sing the words out loud. An older woman turned and cast a sour glance. Two teenagers turned and grinned at her. An older gent flashed a peace sign. But most employed good old inner-city discretion and simply didn’t look at the crazy woman in the back of the bus singing off key. “What a world,” she thought.

As Sandra Marvinsky stepped down from the rear exit door and walked up the busy street, she thought about the glory of the song. And about its message. In today’s political conversation the notion that the land belongs to the people, that “this land belongs to you and me”, was refreshing. Thank you, Woody. It’s a beautiful world, he reminded us, and it is yours. Walk through the land. The land of America, the land of any country – is a beautiful land. And it belongs to you and me. The wealth, which is made from the land, belongs to all as well.

The political climate today is so dismal, thought Sandra shaking her head as she walked on. The enormity of the problems of the world combined with the malfunctioning of governments was quite a deadly combination.

It was good to sing.