I was just thinking: If the buses came more frequently, if they moved faster, well then, we would have better air to breathe.

In the meantime, send in your As I Sat On The Bus Compositions!


As I sat  and waited for the bus, I got to thinking of moments long ago…….Like when I sat down to wait for the bus!!!!

IMG_1258 IMG_1260 Ooh!, here they come. And two of ’em!!!  Why do they like to ride in pairs so much? Never mind. I’m glad to get on the bus.

Oh. Blessed Openers of the writer’s block, you magnificent writer’s-block-busting carriers of good tidings and bearers of the finer literary spirits, we thank you for granting writers all over the world time to organize their thoughts.

As I sat on the bus I picked up pen in hand and struggled to make legible letters as the  720 chopped and bounced through a bumpy stretch. Luckily (for writers at least) the bus tends to stand still a lot (red lights, traffic jams, general principle….Ah! yet another benediction of the generous LADOT gods) so we can get to write a bit. Again a hearty thanks to the LADOT buses and hopes that we will see more of them.

Thanks to the LADOT buses for giving us a so much time to write……

Oops the bus is moving again…….

……….Hey, here comes my stop. Gotta go.