A beautiful title and a beautful blues that Sam Cooke wrote and sung for us circa 1962.
Maybank and I love to play it, so this was a few days ago.

IMG_1309While you listen, check out a new computer product – which allegedly solves all of your problems. The  billboard says “One device for everything in your life”.

It’s that simple. I bet you thought that life was complicated. I bet you thought that the quest for spiritual union, for inner harmony, for understanding, for peace and love – was a difficult task. How relieved you will be that there exists in this life of travails, in this universe of quantum uncertainties, one device for everything you need in your life.  Apparently this new tablet takes care of everything. One device for everything in your life. Isn’t that wonderful?IMG_1311

Re the photos: I saw the new wonder-drug/device advertised on the wall of a shopping center (actually the billboards covered a parking structure wall).

Word has it that the new tablet is a One ring to rule them all. One ring to bind them kind of device. I think it works as a flashlight too.