Phantom At Beach copyYou’ll excuse the Phantom. He’s a rambling sort of phantom.

Apparently, he’s started writing again.

“Wasn’t it enough,” I asked, “that you wrote that little sequel to Baum’s One Life book called The Phantom Speaks?”

“Apparently not” he said, as handed me this folded 8.5 by 11 and walked away.

So here’s The Phantom Speaks Again


THE CONTINUING (just when you thought we were over with it) NOTES OF THE PHANTOM



Depends on

Sensory Stimulation


Depends on

Eyes, and ears, and noses, and

A very extensive nervous system,

Praise the Lord,

All of which only operates while you’re alive

You know, alive!

The breath of life within you

Your heart beating and all

When it’s over, life I mean,

This awareness

And your consciousness of it

Must certainly disappear from your body.

Ah, but where does it go?

Another practical question that remains to be considered is whether all that awareness, accumulated over the years like cosmic dust from whatever the senses put into it, can establish or discover, or somehow hook itself on to something longer lasting. Another dimension or realm of “being”. This phantom hasn’t figured that one out yet.

As an aside, let this phantom add that: if awareness is so dependent on sensory information received, then your environment determines the nature of your awareness to a large extent. The awareness of someone – say a human who lives in the woods like a bear and who has constant contact with nature – a nature man – well, he would have a different sort of awareness from an account executive who lives in a small studio on the upper east side – an urban man. As opposed to a television person, a couch potato whose environment is 30 or 40% video. Or a computer geek. (Gee, the nouns are getting increasingly pejorative). And finally, lets just briefly (very briefly, please) consider the awareness (or consciousness) of a texting, speed dialing, overtaxed and overtaxing nervous type of individual, a millenial. Yikes! I say. That’s what I say, “Yikes!”

You are what you eat. And what you see and hear and feel at any given moment. That’s what your awareness is composed of. No?

That’s why this Phantom so highly recommends listening to that good ol’ Country Music.

Here’s Irene Goodnight, performed a few weeks ago by Bumba, Maybank, and guest pianist supreme Ernie L.

Hats off to Ernie and to country music!