OK, it’s Friday and time to give Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers’ 100 word challenge yet another go. Check it out yourself. It’s fun and it keeps you off the streets. This week’s photo prompt reminds me of mmmkbfyquuh. What does it remind you of?

I’m reminded of a dull Valentine’s Day Party


What a bad idea it had been to come to come this party! Francois had arrived at this Valentine’s Day party only twenty minutes ago and already he was bored. Francois knew that he was a restless type, but Gee whiz. The people were dull, the women none of them pretty. And, well, that was it. Francois went to retrieve his coat.

Edna was walking out on the party too. They reached for their coats at the same time. Their eyes met and immediately they smiled as they headed out the door together.

They went out together on five or six steamy dates. Well, that was it.