AISOTB#31 Beverly Hills Expose

George Packard had drawn the Bumbastories AISOTB assignment this week. George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for the Bumbastories Blog roved extensively and widely within a three mile radius of his Los Angeles apartment.

IMG_1353As George was sitting on the bus he thought about the nature of awareness. George asked what the difference was between awareness and consciousness. George had perused the Phantom’s ruminations on this very subject on the Bumbastories blog the week before and had thought it interesting, but silly in the end. One needs to define these words! That’s the problem! People use them left and right and each person has a bit of a different idea of what the words mean. Hence all the confusion, the discussion, the eternal quibbling. The word “soul” also had many meanings. George needed to clarify the definition of that one too.

As George Packard sat on the #720 bus he looked out at the proud city of Beverly Hills. George’s friend Calvin had mentioned that real estate values in Beverly Hills had peaked and could be expected to decline relative to L.A. prices. Could be, thought George. Beverly Hills was indeed losing some of its luster. George considered some of Beverly Hill’s recent public projects. He got off the bus opposite one of the city’s new public sculptures. “Jeez,” thought George to himself, “What an ugly piece”IMG_1354

George Packard, roving reporter, walked on. He came to the brand new Beverly Hills Performing Arts Center – another piece of less-than-sterling architecture.

The new auditorium sits up the block from BH City Hall and police department. The fire department and public library are also part of the city center complex – also not an architectural gem.
“Gee whiz,” thought George Packard, roving reporter, “the city fathers are bringing down the real estate values!”
Perhaps Bumbastories could use this piece in his Real Estate section. IMG_1358

George Packard made his escape from Beverly Hills on the #20. IMG_1364

7 thoughts on “AISOTB#31 Beverly Hills Expose

  1. I would too, make a quick exit, as soon as physically possible. There is a certain lack of ‘soul’ in some architects ideas. BUT a great piece from the Roving Reporter. xPenx

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