Frizz’s flkrcomments blog entertains us each week with its weekly alphabet challenge. If you haven’t checked out Frizz’s blog yet, well, you ought to.

This week’s letter is G. What you need to do of course is to send in a post that is tagged with the letter G. It’s pretty simple. Even I can do it. And it gives all of the lazier bloggers out there (present company included) who want to post something but can’t think of anything much to say, a chance to post something today. Hurray!

I re-posted a recording and post I made about Georgia On My Mind a few months ago. I apologize for the quality of the singing. If Ray Charles could heard it, he’d probably roll over or rise up from his grave. And then we’d only have to bury him again. (Joke courtesy of Groucho Marx)

Click to hear me try to do Georgia.