George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1127George Packard, who as roving reporter sometimes roves as far as five km from his apartment, was roving in the city of Beverly Hills the other day and sent in the following update on the famed Beverly Hills Post Office building and the just completed (or nearly-completed, it’s hard to tell) Beverly Hills Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Recently opened to view after a long period of construction, the Annenberg Center concert hall is attached via a mysterious underground tunnel to the old Beverly Hills Post Office (a designated landmark building which is no longer a post office – much to the chagrin of all those hearty Beverly Hillers who wane nostalgic for the good, old-fashioned post-office experience of standing in line for at least fifteen minutes.

The Concert Hall – which appears to be a monstrosity – but let us not be too harsh or premature in our judgements – is not only contiguous with the old government-issue building, but also continuous with it!

George Packard wondered whether this architectural contiguity/continuity overlap explains why the project cost ?? million dollars.

The distinction between contiguity and continuity, however, remains a grammatical question which continually (but not contiguously I don’t think) gets George’s knickers in a knot. Poor George.

In any case, George Packard, roving reporter par excellence, took the following photos.

Note: All copyright privileges belong to George Packard.

And he can keep them!

10 thoughts on “George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

  1. Makes me wonder, ( and I do wonder a lot) what these building will be like in years hence? Legacy wise…a deficit methinks. I’m with George. (Is he buying? 😉 ) xx

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