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HUH??? What’s this? First you say it’s an Every Day Another Story blog. Now you’re talking once a week? What’s the story, Bumba?

The following is a once-a-week literary (well, not so literary), humorous (funny might be too strong a word), illumunating and enlightening (Hey, take it easy!) magazine sort of blog with a couple of informative articles, a few pictures, some musical accompaniment……..

Presenting Bumbastories’ Sunday Special. Start off your read with some music recorded by Bumba and Maybank

This week’s Edition of Bumbastories’ Sunday Special – a Weekly Magazine – the first and perhaps the last issue of 2014-


A Bumbastories Science Report – An actual Refutation of Newton’s Law of Gravitation!

An As I Sat On The Bus contribution by George Packard.

Two Poems – Yikes!!!

A Picture by Max Ernst


Los Angeles Buses Defy Newton’s Law of Gravitation

By Bumba on March 8, 2014 | Edit

According to Newton’s Law of Gravitation, the gravitational attraction between two objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the distance between them squared. Or, G=m1m2/d2.

So, the farther away two things are from each other, the weaker the gravitational force. Right?


Los Angeles buses defy Isaac Newton’s universal – and heretofore-thought-inviolable principle of physics. MTA buses, supposedly spaced across the space-time continuum by the “bus schedule” to run at intervals of up to 20-30 minutes, appear together amazingly often. These buses, spaced evenly by the schedule along their long routes, somehow wind up travelling together! The evidence is overwhelming, and clearly speaks to this fact of MTA reality: the buses cluster, they group, they travel in pairs, even in convoys.images-1 images-5 images-6 images

Newton must be turning over in his grave – or mausoleum – in Westminster Abbey. (And then we’d only have to bury him again!)

What possible explanation can there be for this mass transportation pairing and clustering? Physicists are puzzled.images-2

Is it perhaps some special esoteric energy generated by the Los Angeles/Southland basin – some underground tectonic plate effect? Or are we witnessing a manifestation of dark energy?

Bumbastories, in a fine piece of investigative journalism, investigated the problem last year. A simple, but admittedly silly, explanation was proposed. In short, a socialization instinct, indeed a sexual drive, was ascribed to the buses.

In any case, as the universe expands, as the matter from the Big Bang disperses and entropy increases, we wonder whether the expansion will ever stop. How can the expansion be reversed? Perhaps Einstein’s cosmological constant is actually the MTA bus system. The jury is out – or perhaps they’re late. That’s right, they’re waiting for the bus!


As I Sat On The Bus (AISOTB #33) by George Packard

By Bumba on March 8, 2014 | Edit

George Packard was back on his bike again.
Yup. George had drawn yet another of those As I Sat On the Bus assignments.
George didn’t mind. As a roving reporter for Bumbastories, he was always roving around anyway, performing his various assigned roving tasks, and …… well, it was pretty easy to spin out one of these AISOTB thingies.
So thought George Packard.

As a somewhat concerned and involved citizen of the City Los Angeles as well as the County of L.A., George wished to tip his hat to whatever gov’t agency it is that has been slowly and gradually painting bicycle lanes on the streets of the city.
“It helps. It saves lives,” thought George. IMG_1394 IMG_1392

“Also,” George considered, “if it were safer to ride a bicycle around town, a lot of people would chose the bicycle over the car as a way of getting around – at least part of the time.
“I’d bet a lot of people would be riding their bicycles to work and the like if they had decent, safe bicycle lanes,” said George Packard to himself.

In further AISOTB deliberations George Packard asked himself:
“And do I really have to sit on the bus today to post an AISOTB post? I could just as easily insert an old photo taken weeks ago. Nobody would know the difference. Bumba has a ton of them stored on his Cloud thing…..”

“No. That would be cheating. It wouldn’t be ethical….. Hmmm.” IMG_1364

Two Poems

By Bumba on March 8, 2014 | Edit


Enjoy the Beauty I

Enjoy the beauty of the day
The majesty unfolded
The water rushing through the valleys
Where we lingered
The silence of the sun
On a September morn
A song to you
Unsung but
Burning still


Enjoy the Beauty II

Enjoy the beauty
Of unfulfilled love
You dream…..
And remember yet

The grace

Of a love fulfilled
And then it all disappeared

In the chill of the late afternoon
You walk through the fallen leaves.

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