The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

At a time when most print newspapers are closing shop and the big, fat Sunday newspapers – with their familiar Sunday Magazine sections –  are becoming relics of the past, Bumbastories proudly presents…..

The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

Today’s Sunday section features the following:

A song

An As I Sat On the Bus feature article

A poem

A Word Puzzle of “Humorous” Anagrams

An Art Review/Recommendation


A song

First a song for you to click on and to accompany your reading. Click to hear Bumba and Maybank perform a Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee composition (and an apt title for what follows): Confusion.


As I Sat On The Bus (No. 34)

or Bumba Complains About the LADOT Bus Service

IMG_1410As I sat on the bus I reached into my backpack and took out paper and pen to write. And I began to write. I wrote furiously. I wrote one lengthy tract on The Fall of the Roman Empire. I knocked off a three-volume work on Egyptology. Also a 250-page book tentatively titled Some General Patterns of Human Cultural Evolution.

Yikes!!! What a slow bus!!!  I had already written eight major tomes and we were just barely half-way to my stop!

As the brave little bus chugged along I wrote on. Nothing could stop me nor the flow of ink in my pen (indeed some of it got on my sweater). The poetic image of “Blood-Ink” coined by Shaheen Dhanji came to mind. My pen kept going, my hand moving by a force of its own.
I wrote what would later be called by the New York Times Book Review as “a Confessional”. Actually, I believe it wasn’t the Times but I myself who used the word “Confessional” to describe this sudden outpouring of raw emotion.
But undeniably this was my final note and I include herein instructions that this autobiography be opened one year after my death (may I live to 120).

This is my final draft. My truth. The truth about myself. Not the phantasmagoric blatherings of Chester Knowles or the Phantom, nor the silly personna that I (or perhaps it’s Bumba) present so slyly – or as slyly as we can.IMG_1411
No. It was the real me that I wrote about on that long and lonely bus ride. I wrote of the dark and secret places where I seek shelter and comfort – those mental recesses, those foggy, shrouded haunts where my imagination takes me. I wrote of…….

Well……Sorry, I have to sign off now. My stop is finally coming!



A Poem of Long Shadows

At the time
Of long shadows behind us
We walk toward the orange sun

Residential streets
Bask in their brief moments of warmth

Peace to the world!

A gesture of peace
What could be finer?
As the sun sets on another day



A Funny Pages Presentation: The Scrambled Puzzle – which, of course, you are to Unscramble.

Unscramble these four words to reveal an unimportant message of questionnable humor.

M L P G H E __ __ __ __ __ __

E L B I __ __ __ __

E P E E E P __ __ __ __ __ __

O D O O O D __ __ __ __ __ __

Now, take the letters indicated by the double lines, unscramble them, and you have

a  — Y — – — joke.

Ha Ha.


Art Review



Finally a reminder that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is hosting a wonderful exhibit of Alexander Calder mobiles. If you’re anywhere near L.A., Bumbastories recommends checking it out.

14 thoughts on “The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

  1. Dylan, eh? I don’t know that one. What album is it on? I thought I Want You was his first single, which is a pretty good one too.

  2. Confusion not to be confused with Mixed Up Confusion written not on a bus but supposedly in a cab on the way to Columbia Studios and issued as the great man’s first single.

  3. Another great Sunday section, Stephen!
    On the puzzle, I’m afraid the brain is reluctant and very uncooperative after being deprived of a very precious hour [the dreaded DST is here for the next 6 months! 🙄 ]
    Have a beautiful new week! 🙂

      1. 😆
        1. the obvious: skipping one hour. My internal clock doesn’t take kindly to this adjustment!
        2. more light, less night: To many this is actually an advantage, not for my ‘beauty sleep’!!!
        3. more light means less peace and quiet.
        4. it is made up: not normal. The intention was to save energy, however, the opposite happens!
        I rest my case! 🙂

        1. True, not an energy saver. For me the good part is that I have some light to work in the garden when I get home from work. And the bad part is that I have some light to work in the garden….
          But the part about your beauty sleep trumps all.

  4. As I Sat On The Bus and wrote and wrote and wrote, I wondered why the ink in my pen did not run dry. That is, until I realised it was a pencil – a really long pencil. I wondered why after several hours, the bus did not run out of gas. That is, until I realised the bus was moving side to side – not forward. What is going on, I wondered, as after all, the scenes were zooming past. That is, until I realised I was on a movie set, set on auto and everyone had gone home.

    Nothing made sense – and I knew that it just a matter of minutes, before I woke up.

    Monday morning!

    That made sense!

  5. an eclectic mix Bumba, I listened whilst reading, and what a long and s l o w bus ride that was, indeedy, but prolific writing wise… a completely enjoyable experience all told, ‘cepting for the word game,… I’m on my first coffee and not seeing straight yet, 😎 xPenx…

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