That’s right. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out. This is true. And sad. Feeling down and out is something we all go through each in his or her own way. There are hard times and good times. Ups and downs. We all struggle to keep our heads above water sometimes. But some people seem to have it harder. People on the streets. People without homes. People without money for food. We who have more walk past (or drive past) homeless men and women every day. It is always sad. Many prefer not to look. And we all try to do what we can to help. We give a few dollars. But a collective effort is required – the kind of effort that we should expect government to apply. Surely it is the task of our government to help the needy, to house them and provide at least for their safety and good health. The problem of homelessness mushroomed under the glorious reign of Ronald Reagan the actor cowboy. We should demand of government a fairer distribution of wealth. This song was written by Jimmy Cox in 1923 six years before the world-wide Great Depression of the 1930’s  It’s a wonderful song. Hoping you’ll join in.
But don’t be sad. It’s not a sad song at all, as it simply and openly looks at the truth. And firmly announces the speaker’s intention to bounce back. People bounce back. All of us struggle on. We bounce back.

Maybank and I love to sing this one.