No Expectations by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards is perhaps one of their lesser known songs, but it’s a great one nonetheless. And Maybank and I love to play it.

“Take me to the station”….

Click to hear it.

Dreams, hopes, aspirations, ambitions, even expectations – all these lofty constructs – are generally sources of psychological pain.

OK, I know. People like to hold on to their hopes and pie-in-the-sky dreams. Idealists, pollyannas, dreamers, people of “faith”. They say that without hope life is simply too cruel. Well, I say that life is cruel enough without clinging to false ideas and hopes. We’re only here for so long – a blink of the eye in geological time – and there’s no sense wasting time dreaming.

“Blues is truth,” said Brownie McGee.
“All is sorrow,” said the Buddha.
“And keep playing that country music!” says I.