Sitting on the bus and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Sitting on the bus…..

“Whatt? Is this going to be another of those As I Sat On The Bus things?

Whatt? Are we to suffer through yet another of those ridiculous AISOTB diatribes about public transportation, and writing on the bus, and how the buses are always late, and what this country needs…..”

…on the way to the train IMG_1454 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1472

…..on the way to the annual L.A. Times Book Festival at the USC campus……



Actually, it’s just a George Packard  piece about…..

“Oh. OK. We don’t mind George Packard too much….”

Well then. With your kind permission, George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for Bumbastories, was down at the USC Book Fair.

It was jam-packed with all kinds of people, crowding all kinds of booths selling all kinds of books, courses, club memberships, and even some snake oil. But mostly books.

George checked out some of the publishers, publicists, printers, and some of the other writers at the Festival. George had some lovely conversations with some lovely people, It was a pleasant day at the Book Fair.IMG_1473IMG_1474

George Packard wondered whether he’d ever get to sell the two books he had written and self-published. George thought he might try to sell them on the Bumbastories blog. After all, he noticed that Bumba’s buddy, Stephen Baum, had done that with his two books. Both of Baum’s novels were up for sale on the Bumbastories blog.

That Bumba is a genuine supporter of the arts, thought George. Either that or genuinely stupid. It’s hard to tell sometimes. IMG_1482






















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