How do you write? Keyboard, touchpad, or good ol’ pen and paper?

Writers, writing in the night.
Dickens, writing in ink and pen I suppose.images
A quill and a bottle of ink.
At his desk.
Three candles burning,
The great man writes on.

Hugo, writing reams of prose.images-1
Spewing it out.
Writing by day, writing by night.

Dostoevsky, writing deep, deep into the night.images-2
Feverishly of course.

All of them.
I see them writing in the night.

Screenwriters, hecklers, princes and poets.
Writing late into the night.
All of them, all of us.
Writing into the night.


39 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Good song Bumba! I always grab a piece of chalk and write on my dog. He does not seem to mind too much. Even bald dogs can be useful, Of course, he hates it when I write songs about cats.

    1. I don’t know how you did it. I didn’t think it possible to incorporate the little Writers poem into a blues song, but you did it! Thank you for the honor of being cited, quoted etc.

  2. it would be an honor for me if you would add your blues harp to my mp3 track when I try to perform your song, I’ll upload that to soundcloud and ‘ll send the track via e-mail to you, wait some days!

  3. it’s two o’clock in the morning
    and the moon is shining bright ://
    I would like to have the lyrics written down explicit
    then I would like to sing that fine Bumba blues too…

    1. to continue…
      It’s two o’clock in the morning and the moon is shining bright.
      I’m just wondering where my baby is tonight.

      I been walking all night, can hardly keep my feet
      There’s nothing at home and there’s nothing in the street.

    2. Thank you Frizz for a very fine compliment. I couldn’t ask for a better compliment than for other people to play my songs. Especially you.

      1. hi Stephen,
        actually our house is filled with visitors, but in ten days, when I’m alone again, I’ll be happy to record a version of your blues, will set some links to your blog of course too!
        Technically I have two possibilities:
        1 – I add my vocals to your voice, guitar and blues harp
        2 – I start a new turn with own guitar, without your voice and harp
        which to choose??

  4. Cheers to you! I’ve never been successful at switching to the keyboard. It takes a lot longer this way: to write and then to copy onto the computer.

  5. The daytime just has to much in the way of annoying distractions. Nighttime is so much better, more brooding, Where would we have been without Roskolnikov, Bill Sykes and Claude Frollo. Somehow it would diminish my love of their nefarious ways if I found out they were created in the day.

  6. It’s such a tranquility-shot, I get everytime I step into your world; I shall confess.
    Missed your beats & nothing’s better than pouring your heart on paper; personally soft copies are only a way of storage but never a way of painting my ideas..

    Love & Light

  7. Love this, Stephen. My very best writing (or what I consider the best) is that which wakes me up……….to where I’m running through the house in search of anything (anything) to write on. A magazine, a deck of cards, whatever I can find before the words are gone. I know these guys – I see them sometimes – standing watch from the edge of the woods……. i love these guys…….and you. ~ Bobbie

  8. Through your words I see them too…. and for me? whatevers handy Bumba, but more often that not, the keybord… Just bought a Tablet, (his name’s Norbert) so practising with finger touch!! πŸ˜€ xPenx

      1. Oh yes, … ‘he’ looks like a Norbert, πŸ˜‰ and last week he had a stroke. (stock still for ages, seeming dead as a doornail ’til I read the ‘destructions’ about holding the on/off for ten seconds..) Phew!! x

  9. It does seem like more creative writing does get done at late at night. Whether it be by one bulb burning or a single candle lit it is how we think of writers weaving their stories. Alone, in the quiet.

    1. Good thing you’re resourceful. I’m not sure I could have explained it. I use the Add Media option and then upload files that are already on my hard drive.

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