Please see the below selection of recently recorded acoustic music. Ok, I’ll tell you the truth. I hadn’t written anything and don’t particularly feel like writing anything. So, with no particular apology,  today’s post will be a selection of songs I played two days ago. IMG_1228

If You Lose Your Money Please Don’t Lose Your Mind

is a wonderful blues by Sonny Terry and Brownie Mc Gee. I’m not sure if Sonny or Brownie wrote this one. They sung it together.

Next is Ramblin Boy by by Tom Paxton

which, whenever I play it, I think of my friend George Schulman, may he rest in peace. You know, in all my writing, for what it’s worth, I never talk about any real family or people. I don’t wish to intrude on their privacy. I mean, what if one of my books actually gets read by a lot of people? Well, it might be embarassing. But George Schulman is the true and actual name of a very good friend of mine who died a number of years ago. George died very young. Although George and I were not hobo-ing in Oklahoma, the words of the song remind me of George. So here’s to you, George – wherever you are.

Then Lovesick Blues

The reader is asked to please sing along. Which is a perennial request here on Bumbastories.

Have a good weekend.