Sunday Magazine —–July 6, 2014.

This week’s Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section begins with a candid (not!) admission from the Editor.

Admission from the Editor

As editor of Bumbastories Sunday Magazine I would like to state that in my long and distinguished career (a good couple of months already) as editor of Bumbastories, and also including all the many newspapers and newscasts I’ve seen and heard over the years, that I have I never seen or heard a news anchor or editor to openly declare, ” Well folks, nothing much happened yesterday. It’s been pretty uneventful”.

This modicum of honesty is ne’er to be found in the entire history of print, video, or electronic news coverage to the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge!

So in a first-of-its-kind journalistic breakthrough, Bumbastories hereby announces that it’s been a quiet weekend so far here in Los Angeles. Nothing much has happened. But nonetheless and all the same Bumbastories would like to present this week’s

Sunday Magazine.

Featured this quiet week are an As I Sat On The Bus just to keep you on your toes.

An update on the Carls’ construction (I told you nothing was new)

A song  just recorded earlier by Bumba and Maybank.


As I Sat On The Bus (AISOTB #38?)


As I sat on the bus I was seized this time by a sudden urge to….

Hold on a second, Keep this clean! …….

….to ponder the fate of humankind and the far reaches of the universe, its underpinnings…..

…..Well, maybe a little spice…. a bit of flash….

…I pondered the principle of sex….

……Now you’re talking!…..

……a principle or a practice (practice makes perfect!) that might well be a local Earthly phenomenon, not a universal. But in any case, on earth at least, sex is the evolutionary wrinkle that splits the organism into slightly different reproducing pairs which can then re-unite over generations to produce increased genetic variety, thus accelerating the pace of evolution. ….


……Our pleasure in sex would then be another evolved, hard-wired, transmitted-through-the-generations set of behaviors and organ systems that insures the continuation of the species and accelerates the pace of evolution. A definite icing on the cake.

….Now you’re talking again. Tell me more about the icing….

I thought you said to keepit clean. OK, here are some dirty pictures……. images-1 images-2


“Sects, sects, sects!” complained one Franciscan monk to the other, “That’s all you ever talk about!”


Here’s a song of longing and OK, I’ll keep it clean. It’s Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home To Me, recorded a few weeks ago by a Bumba and Maybank.


Follow-Up to George Packard’s coverage of the Carl’s construction

As indicated earlier, nothing much happening here in L.A. Our roving reporter can report only modest progress made in the Carls’ construction, although the keen observer can now discern the beginnings of the Drive-Thru lane.IMG_0017




Wishing everyone a pleasant week…….



10 thoughts on “Sunday Magazine —–July 6, 2014.

  1. As I sat on the bus,

    I wondered how long before someone picked up that pornographic magazine I left on the empty seat across the aisle. It was an experiment of sorts – as I had enclosed the magazine with a jacket of the “National Geography”.

    Before long, a priest took the seat and picked up the magazine. His eyes widened. He cast furtive glances but I looked out the window, and watched his reflection on the glass. As he dove into the intricacies of geography, he crossed his legs and squeezed himself silly.

    Tomorrow it’ll be time for another experiment. Place a porno magazine jacket over a National Geography magazine.

    By the end of the year, I’ll have enough material for a bestseller!

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