The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

This week’s Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section presents….


       !!!!!!!!!!!A World Cup News Flash from Bumbastories!!!!



Germany wins World Cup! A sweet goal by Mario Goetze in the second overtime period broke a 0-0 tie at minute 115 and did the trick for the victorious Germans. Wow.

What a great World Cup it’s been! Bumbastories is proud to scoop this wonderful tournament and announce the winner. Congratulations to the German team – and congratulations to the Argentinian team no less – for a great tournament. Indeed congratulations to all the teams that competed this year in the World Cup. All the teams, all the games were great…..Well, except for the Brazilian team. Yikes!!!

We here in America particularly enjoyed the World Cup. Many Americans were reminded that sports doesn’t necessarily have to have endless time -outs/commercials. It’s just a pleasure to watch this great sport played well. I think a lot of sports fans in America discovered the pleasure of football this year. Just to watch Lionel Messi has been a treat. Bravo!


                 images-3A Word About Ray Charles



Here’s to the late, great Ray Charles. I remember the first time I heard Ray. I was a kid, maybe 12 years old, but I remember I liked his music more than I had liked anything else before. It was “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and it was playing one quiet summer afternoon on a radio underneath our window. Sure, I listened to the doo wop music of the time (50’s and 60’s), and I heard the Frank Sinatra stuff and the show music. But this was something on a different level. Indeed I still have never heard a better rock/blues/pop singer. Ray was and still is #1. Ray was just unbelievable. I saw him live three times and he was always a knockout.

I was trying one of his songs with Maybank the other day. Of course it is almost blasphemous to do Ray Charles’ stuff. and the way I sing is a further insult. But heck, this song You Don’t Know Me by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold is just a terrific song to play and sing. Please sing along.

The song was written in 1955 by Cindy Walker for Eddy Arnold. Jerry Vale had a hit with it first, and of course Eddy had a hit with it. Ray Charles recorded it with his Country Western album and of course sings the definitive version. Lots of rock and pop stars have done it since but no one touches Ray’s version. Not even Bumba. As I said, please sing along if you know it. and if you’ve never heard Ray do it, well it’s on UTube and at your local record store.


Art Review


As promised, Bumbastories ‘art critic returned to the Los Angeles County Art Museum for another look at their featured exhibit “From Van Gogh to Kandinsky”. Luckily for us he brought his camera this time. Click on any picture to see a slide show.

Again, Bumbastories heartily recommends this exhibit to anyone within striking distance of the LACMA.


A pleasant and peaceful week to all!

8 thoughts on “The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

  1. It is July 28th and I am still catching up on my blog reading. Right here, right now was the first I heard who won the World Cup. How did I make it over two weeks without finding that out?
    And now I know.

  2. I enjoyed this world cup so much, Messi is just amazing there is no word to describe him, great post, and thank you for passing by my blog have a great weekend

    1. Yes the World Cup was a treat to watch. And that Messi guy. Wow. Next time you’re in San Antonio maybe you could see the Spurs play and see Messi’s countryman Manu Ginobili, who is a treat to watch too.

  3. It’s great to hear that the American people are coming round even more to a sport that has constantly been growing since you had the world cup in ’94. It’s been a great tournament and it truly is a world language these days with so many players, teams and their histories to learn about and enjoy.

    I love the art, I could do with a trip over, thank goodness you are there to save me the effort.

    1. Well, you could check out the museums in England. I hear they’re pretty good. I’d love to visit the British museum someday. When I visit I might check out some English football – which I also heard is pretty good, although judging from the World Cup…….

      1. Don’t let our representatives in the World Cup fool you, our leagues are fantastic, in fact most of them go to the wire and last year there were high scores all over the shop. The national obsession is massive and you will love it.

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