This week’s Bumbastories Sunday Magazine features

A News Analysis

An As I Sat On The Bus article (AISOTB is back by popular demand….Well, I like ’em)

A Music section on the Blues

Part III of a short story about a Los Angeles private investigator similar to Raymond Chandler except his name is Ted Morris


News Analysis

The Israeli-Palestinian War continues senselessly. Nobody wants it. But yet, each side, compelled by disgraceful internal political pressures, keeps the fighting and the killing going. The right wing in Israel aspires to destroy Hamas. Futile, but they try anyway. Again. Again. When will they stop repeating the same mistakes? The 1982 war in Lebanon purportedly aspired to destroy the PLO – Ariel Sharon’s solution to the conflict. Thousands died, Lebanon was further destabilized – if that was possible. The PLO was indeed driven out of Lebanon. So then the Hezbollah moved in. And the PLO is now Israel’s negotiating partner. Some partner! OK, they’re better than Hamas. Hamas subjects it’s own people to genocide in order to score political points and to stay alive politically. The people have no voice as Hamas uses Gaza’s sparse resources to buy rockets and to build tunnels – instead of bomb shelters. Israel is constantly attacked and caught in a no-win situation. The only response is to unleash the Army, try out new weapons, and kill more people. We hope and pray for peace. For the beginning of a peace. May people come to their senses.


As I Sat On The Bus

Every cloud has a silver lining

IMG_0169Oh no! I was going to miss the bus. As I stood waiting for the light to change I could see the #20 bus only a block away. Not to worry! I patiently waited for the light, strolled acoss the street, sung a song, counted to ten….. and….Hey, here comes the bus! Every cloud has a silver lining. The bus is slow, but we don’t have to hurry.

As I sat on the bus I recalled my childhood friend David H. who, at age 13, was two years older than I, and a veritable fount of wisdom. At age 13 David H. was already a confirmed pessimist. He liked to console us with: “You can’t win ’em all. But you can lose ’em all”.

One of David’s favorites was: “Every silver lining has a cloud”.

What wisdom!


The Blues – They’re sad, but we love ’em.

The Blues. The 12 -bar blues. I wrote a new blues song! Of course there’s nothing ever new about the blues, but it’s fun to work on it. I used two tracks, which is also fun. And now that I do the math, that’s to say count, I’d have to call it an 8-bar blues. Depends on how you measure the measures. Anyway, after the third or fourth bar I lose count. Too much drinking. It’s called Gonna Sing Away These Blues

Staggering right along (after a couple more bars) the second song here is definitely not a new blues. It’s one ot the oldest! Easy Rider, also called CC Rider, which is no relation to the CC IND local or to the A Train for that matter (pardon the New York mass transportation references). Easy Rider is played here with the sparse use of just two chords – which is how Leadbelly did it. Leadbelly is the great master of the blues so I would check him out if you’ve never heard him. Meanwhile you can click on Bumba doing Easy Rider on two tracks (sorry, no train)




Pt III of Ted Morris, L.A. private eye from the 1950’s. Click for for Part I and Part II. (Bumbastories promises to finish it up in Part IV).




“You decide too easily, too quickly.”

“Yes it’s true. I guess that’s how I am,” she said, as she looked out the window of the coffee shop and took in the busy scene out on Wilshire Blvd.

Turning back Angelina Despaigne looked Morris straight in the eyes. She paused for a moment, smiling,

“Like that’s why I fall for you, Mister Morris?”

Ted Morris leaned forward in their booth at Johnnie’s Restaurant.

“Yes,” he said. “That would be a fine example of it.”

He took her hands in his, and stated: “Angeline. You are one fine, beautiful woman. You make me decide quick, too.”

Angeline smiled broadly. She raised an eyebrow as she commented, “Sometimes when you decide quick, it’s the correct choice.”