More Blues



Here’s another blues I’ve been working on. I like to think that I’m breaking new ground with new blues progressions. Which is silly, because here’s nothing ever new about the blues. As for the lyrics, I’ve noticed of late that I often use the same phrases again and again. It’s a matter of some concern. It’s a matter of some concern. This repeating myself. It’s a matter of some concern. It’s a matter of some…..

The great Irving Berlin reportedly said that he only had one melody that he used over and over. Naturally, I can’t confirm whether he really said that, as I never spoke with the man myself. Berlin himself seemed to be ignoring the amazing wealth and rich variety of songs he himself composed. He also (reportedly) played in only one key, which is also hard to believe. However at my level of talent it is quite believable that all my songs could be the same one. Certain lyrics keep popping up in all my songs – like movable type, or bad pennies.
Undeterred, I’ve been working on this one recently. A very simple (At its best simplicity is elegant. At its worst, just simple) blues. I added a second track of harmonica. The Low Down Blues


I woke up this morning with the low down blues

Nothin to win

And nothin to lose

Hey, I got the low down blues


There been some things that are troublin my mind

But this loneliness……

I just can’t seem to leave thes blues behind

Hey, I got the low down blues


Hey, I got the low down blues

Hey, them low down blues

Hey I got the low down blues

And they be troublin on my mind







13 thoughts on “More Blues

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I tried to use just two chords, the first and the fourth, with no fifth, and then a simple refrain: the fourth going back to the first. But then I buckle and add the two fifths to get me back to the first. You’re right I should post the words, especially since the recording wasn’t strong enough.

  2. the first impression for sure always is the sound-combination presented by a musician. Your piano, combined with blues harp and your suffering voice is a wonderful mix reaching our hearts. as a foreigner I have to admit I mostly don’t follow and understand the lyrics. You kindly wrote them down, so you could open a second door with your message – if I read the words I can understand. but the first decision is the sound combination. with your piano even stronger than via guitar! thank you again for your performance, Stephen!

  3. Wow, I really like this. Wish I knew more about music to say something smart, but I think you’ve got a song. Have you ever tried to sell your songs to artists? (Keeping your rights and royalties of course.)

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