Following nearly two years of editing and procrastination (mostly procrastination) I have finally printed up copies of my mini-novel The Phantom Speaks, which is a sequel to the One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles novel, which I also had printed up recently and am releasing simultaneously.

I am hoping that I will be able to sell the two novels as a set, on the Bumba Books Page The Phantom Speaks

Both books take extensive literary liberties. These are free-flowing, free-falling books. They may not be for everyone. Perhaps it is because it took me so long to write these novels that as they proceeded they grew increasingly loose and creative (some would say dissociative). By the time I finished the Memories section of One Life and began the sequel The Phantom Speaks, I was just having myself a good time with it. The result is something surprisingly entertaining I think. Spoiler Alert: Although each of the characters from the One Life book receives his or her own chapter to entertain the reader, it’s the Phantom who gets the final word most the time. Illustrated wonderfully by the very talented Alexandria Skaltsounis, The Phantom Speaks is simply a fun read.



The Phantom Speaks is available on Amazon Buy "One Life" on Amazonand other online outlets. It is not yet available as an ebook.


And it’s also available here at Bumbastories Just click on the icon Buy "Phantom Speaks" on PayPaland order through Pay Pal.


One Life The Phantom Speaks You can order The Phantom Speaks together with the One Life or the Lives of Chester Knowles novel – together in one slick package and mailed to your home directly, postage included, for the unprecedented price of whaa?

Indeed we recommend you read the One Life first and The Phantom sequel second. So this economical combo package is recommended.


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