The Phantom SpeaksThe “thoroughly entertaining” sequel to Stephen Baum’s One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles novel, The Phantom Speaks is out!

It’s available on Amazon Buy "One Life" on Amazon and on a bunch of other online outlets, and it is also available through this site. See Bumba Books.

I’m trying to get it out as an ebook, but I’m experiencing difficulties with the formatting due to all the illustrations, which are a shame to mess up. So, bottom line, it’s only available hardcopy. However, One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles is available as an ebook via Amazon Kindle and the price is currently just 99 cents.


To get The Phantom Speaks at Bumbastories Just click on the icon Buy "Phantom Speaks" on PayPaland order through Pay Pal.


One Life The Phantom Speaks IMG_1102We recoIMG_1103mmend that you order The Phantom Speaks together with the One Life or the Lives of Chester Knowles novel – together with the author’s own CD soundtrack – in one slick package and mailed to your home directly, postage included, for the unprecedented price of “How can that be?”

Click here to order both books plus the CD.