George Packard Reflects

images-3 It was a pleasant enough crowd at McDonald’s. As George sipped his iced coffee, he looked out at the assorted crowd of plain ol’ folks at the other tables. He sat in a comfortable side booth at a shiny, clean little table. George placed several sheets of paper on the table before him and took out his pen.

George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for Bumbastories, had not written for a long time. George yearned to write something that was not “George Packard, roving reporter”. George wanted another voice, another role to play. All this chasing after scoops was getting a bit long in the tooth.

The other day George had noticed that the newly reconstructed Carl’s Jr. on Fairfax and Olympic had already opened. imagesDoggonnit, he had missed the Grand Opening Ceremony! Too bad. It would have been a scoop! Being a roving reporter was fraught with frustrations; the job was not all it was hyped up to be.

“Never mind the scoop,” thought George.

George Packard roved on.


Sports Poem

Predatory instincts pull on the leash

How to control them?

Project them onto the playing field

Play ball!

Now, there’s good sport!

A joie-de-vivre shining through

Goal!!!! images


Science Section

IMG_0515I hit the stacks at the libraries. Again, I needed to find a good, elementary physics book to bring me up to speed on the fundamentals of physics. I had this thing about getting a handle on Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory. I found Isaac Asimov’s classic, The History of Physics, to be the best so far, the most useful to me. As with all of Asimov’s works, the language is delightfully clear. His breadth of scientific knowledge is stupendous. Asimov also probably holds the Guiness World Record for most books written – hundreds of them – and good books! – What a writer!

Asimov clarifies the concept of inertia as expounded by Galileo. He explains Newton clearly. I will let you know when I understand relativity and quantum physics. Meanwhile Asimov’s 745 page tome – which includes ample chapters on Relativity, Quanta, and Particle Physics – should keep me busy for a while!


George Packard Gets His Scoop!

Roving reporter knocks down a Double Scoop (Milkshake)

George Packard, roving reporter stopped by as soon as he could at the newly-reconstructed Carl’s Jr. on Fairfax and Olympic. (See earlier George Packard reports on this major reconstruction project in earlier issues of the Monday Magazine)

It was a very pleasant surprise. IMG_0531

The design was the same as the old Carl’s: two rows of booths with a partition (that featured a Carl’s Star) running down the middle, some smaller tables alongside, the rest rooms in the same place. It was eerie. After all, they had totally razed the old Carl’s and started from scratch! The counter was in the same place when you walk in, and nearly identical. The new Carl’s looked like the old Carl’s – only cleaner!IMG_0534

Hat’s off to Carl’s!

And a pleasant week to all!