The Beauty of Numbers images-7!

The Glory of Mathematics!

The Music of the Heavenly Spheres!

Interrupting Voice: “Oh no! Not again! Please, Bumba, no more math. Actually I like the spiritualism, but please no numbers. And no math. You see, it’s because, well, I just don’t like it. It’s like an allergy I have with math. Math (some people say maths) makes me sneeze. Anyhow, I don’t believe in math, maths, or mathematics either.”

Well, you should use a handkerchief if you have to sneeze. Mathematics is the science of patterns.


images-3And math is more than just numbers. Numbers, though, tend to fascinate. Since the set of numbers is infinite, all those numbers inherently contain and form a lot of relationships, a lot of patterns. If you play with those numbers you can wind up with nearly anything – which explains the marvels of numerology pretty much. And there are all kinds of numbers: counting numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, binary numbers, fractions, negative numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, squares, square roots, cubes, exponents, transcendental numbers – each of which is manifested in nature – even the imaginary numbers are manifested at the sub-atomic level. Imagine that!

And you can also try to take nearly anything in nature and describe it (eloquently of course) with numbers. Which is what most of physics is about. So, keep playing with those numbers! And keep watching out for those patterns. images-2And keep playing that Country Music.

Here’s a Hank Williams song about fractions. Well, one fraction, the half. If You Loved Me Half As Much As I Love You.