The Monday Report

This week’s Monday Magazine features an in-depth Report on the Economy, an As I Sat On The Bus story, and a song to make it go down easier.

Bumbastories Economic Report

The following report was distilled (this report is 80% proof) from weeks of careful and systematic observations made while riding my bicycle.

1) For some reason there’s an awful lot of construction going on recently in the city of Los Angeles.

2) For some reason, probably another reason, there are very few garage sales of late.

To conclude: Construction work is up. Garage sales are down.

Somewhat Original Song by Bumba

imagesA song for your listening and reading-along-with pleasure. It’s a song about the city of New Orleans, which includes a slower, minor-key section about the Katrina hurricane. – which I’m not sure really fits. Overall, the song would make a great promo for New Orleans tourism. I have never been to New Orleans, but hope to make it there someday soon. As a fan of American folk and jazz music, New Orleans tugs at my heartstrings (and guitar strings too).

Going On Down to New Orleans

As I Sat On The Bus

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories, sat on the Culver City #1 bus.IMG_0567

The scoop he made last week (actually it was a double scoop milk shake at the new Carl’s) had only whet his appetite for more scoops.IMG_0534

George calculated that, regardless of where he looked, he had approximately an equal chance (close to zero) of landing a scoop. The odds, low as they were, were distributed evenly across the Los Angeles time-space continuum. Guided by clear logic and sound journalistic practice, George opted to look for a Breaking News story at the beach. George rode the bike to the beach, but took the bus back.

As George Packard sat on the bus, he said to himself: “No scoop today, but what the heck, at least I got to the beach!” IMG_0559


A pleasant week to all!

5 thoughts on “The Monday Report

  1. I was in New Orleans for a few days once. The highlight had to be a bar where the Royal Rounders (keyboard, stand-up bass and fiddle) were playing their ‘Tom Waits Tuesday’. They knew most of his songs and played them well that night, and man the beer was cold. Get there if you can, it’s a fun place!

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