imagesYesterday was Columbus Day. Hurray!

Yes, Oct 12, 1451 was the birthdate of the great man who “sailed the ocean blue” and launched the beginning of the end for native peoples in the Americas. Christopher Columbus, inexplicably lionized in the Americas, as well as in Spain, Italy, and indeed all around the (round) world for his “discovery” of America, looms tall as a landmark figure. For Columbus signals the beginning of the long era of Western European imperialism and world domination. images-2Five hundred years of colonialism. The good old Empire!

But at what stage of social and political evolution are we now? World dominance and (increasingly overwhelming) responsibility is firmly in the hands of the North Americans. In confederation with the Europeans and Eastern powers, the Americans police the world (the third world) and siphon off most of the wealth. The “new” world order, particularly its wheels of finance, rolls on. Since Columbus, western civilization has certainly made some great advances, but plunder remains the guiding principle. Remarkably, many native cultures have survived the centuries of conquest, albeit there are fewer and fewer places left in America for them. All the same, they survive. And survive proudly.


images-1In fourteen hundred and ninety-two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue

What a guy

With his three little boats

And of course his Columbus Day Sails


Continuing in a sombre tone, here’s House of the Rising Sun, sung by Bumba three days ago. Perhaps there should be a House of the Rising Sun Compendium on this blog. Perhaps not. Please sing along. In fact, if you’re not going to sing along, you probably shouldn’t click on this song.


But now to perk things up a bit, here’s Somebody Stole My Gal. Written by Leo Wood in 1918 and a big hit world-wide, it’s a song I must’ve heard the song hundreds of times as a kid. But when I heard Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band’ s rendition I realized what a terrific song it was. It uses straight-up ragtime chords, and it’s fun to play.


Sports Report

IMG_0620The Dodgers, our much-heralded and over-hyped L.A. team are already out of the playoffs. Boo-hoo. This billboard, put up only last week, is already painfully out-dated. tough luck. Wait’ll next year. Mighty Casey has struck out. The Dodger season is gone. Caput. Finito. Ferrtig. Gamarnou. It’s over. The season has drawn to a swift and sour conclusion for our multi-million dollar boys in blue and their over-stuffed multi-billion-dollar organization. However the Cardinals and the Giants, the Orioles and the Kansas City Royals are still in it and playing some fine baseball! God bless the great American game of baseball!

As for the Dodgers. Eff them.

And Eff Fox Sports 1 and Time-Warner Cable too.
Book Review

SteJ wrote an excellent review of my book The Phantom Speaks. Bumbastories would like to recommend, however, that you read the first book, One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles before The Phantom sequel. See Bumba Books.
A pleasant week to all!