101612194I wrote this song back in the Bronx nearly forty years ago. Yikes! And I still play it every now and then! A couple of days ago I was playing around with it and with adding back-up tracks. The song is included somehow in my novel Up in the Bronx.The lyrics, as well as two paragraphs of explanation about the chord progression, are actually on page 25 of Up in the Bronx. It’s true. I’m not sure anymore why I put the scene into the book. I guess I simply wanted to share my love for the music. It’s an enchantment with that urban rock and roll progression, the doo-wop song. A nostalgic sort of feeling for the Bronx I suppose. As I was saying, it’s in my novel Up in the Bronx, which is largely an autobiographical coming-of-age in the Bronx in the seventies novel.

The song  Sweet Dreams and Happiness is presented on that CD I recorded to accompany the book, which is titled not surprisingly Up in The Bronx And Down in LA. To find out how to purchase the book and/or the CD go to Bumba Books. Anyhoo, here’s a Bronx song.

Sweet dreams and happiness

Baby don’t you fall

Go home and pick up what’s left

I’ll meet you in the hall

All I need’s

My baby when I call….

Now love’s around the corner

So why’dja walk all around the block?

Go on, do what you wanna

Someday it’s gonna have to stop

All I need is my baby when I call….