Welcome to the Bumbastories Monday Magazine, which features no ads, no promos, no UTubes, no quotes, no re-posts, and a minimum of saturated fats. In fact, this week’s magazine promises to be brief, or at least not so long-winded. We open with a song to accompany the Science Section, which could be a little tough without a little song, but could worth your time, being it’s about Time. The song is Up A Lazy River, the Hoagy Carmichael classic, played unfortunately by yours truly. Tough luck. Maybe later you can check out the Mills Brothers version.

Science Section: It’s about time!

A Dialogue:

Simplico: OK. Let me get this straight. You’re telling me that time is just a construct too? Time isn’t “real”, it’s only something we make up?

Sympatico: Yes. The concept of time is something we use to help us understand reality.

Simplico: So what’s real then? Hurry up, tell me quick. I don’t have much time.

images-8Sympatico: Humans are hard-wired over years (not so many) of evoluti0n to understand time and space as dimensions that are absolutely rigid and immutable. We imagine a coordinate system – like some three-dimensional graph paper – stretching out indefinitely in both directions. Time is usually visualized as a giant clock ticking regularly, our timeclocks at work, our digital displays, our lifetimes measured out in hours and minutes. Time goes on forever and forever. It’s a homo sapiens thing, a human failing. I don’t think animals have any conception of time as we do……..

Simplico: Try telling that to my dog when he’s hungry and has to wait for his dinner.

Sympatico: I’d tell him that time can shrink and expand when you’re moving at very high velocities. Tell your dog to hop onto some fast spaceship and have his dinner “to go”. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity tells us that time and space can be bent and altered and that the only thing that’s constant is the speed of light squared- and the Theory of Relativity has been proven correct a zillion times. If it were wrong, your cell phone wouldn’t work. Time is a human concept and it has changed over (excuse the expression) time and across cultures. Before the invention of clocks, people just chilled and moved a lot slower….”

Simplico: Unless a lion was chasing them.

Sympatico: This is true. You did have to be careful of lions in the old days. Amyhoo, they didn’t worry about being productive back then or about “wasting time”. …

Simplico: Talk about “wasting time”, let’s get this over with. So tell me, why is the speed of light a constant in the universe?

Sympatico: I’ll have to think about that. Give me some time. images-5

Simplico: Gotcha!


And now some songs that Bumba has been working on as part of the Chester’s Songs CD that will be a companion piece to the One Life and the Phantom Speaks novels. What? A music CD to accompany a novel?

Walk That Lonesome Valley is a traditional spiritual that I suppose I learned from Pete Seeger. The other song is one that I could never figure out the chords on. Once I decided to put it on the CD, I looked up the lyrics and chords and was delighted to find the chords very simple. It is a great chord progression, written of course by Holland – Dozier – Holland at Motown and sung so wonderfully by Levi Stubbs and the Four Tops. The two songs are both cited in the books. While I’m doing a “Reach Out”, let me ask (beg) on behalf of all the people who listen and read this blog (all two of them) that, if you can sing and live in the Los Angeles area (the Southland, we like to call it) that you contact poor Bumba and help him with the singing. Meanwhile, please sing along!