I’ve presented these songs earlier on the blog, but since I recorded them again last week, and also since I haven’t written very much this week, and also since I don’t seem to have an overwhelming sense of shame, and also…. well, here they are for today’s post. As someone said to the miner, take your pick! Maybank and Bumba are hooked on a lot of these folk songs. And my hope here is that maybe you too will get hooked, as they are a lot of fun to sing and to play. First up is St. James Infirmary, performed with great gusto by both Bumba and Maybank. For more info on St. James Infirmary click here for the St. James Infirmary Compendium.



We also did Jesse James the other day. images-2We hadn’t played it in a while. Also a great, great song. The American folk legend Jesse James is a wonderful story – one which has captured the american imagination: the hero as a thief: the Robin Hood figure. images-3Woody Guthrie said Jesse had a hand and a heart, and a brain….



OK, we always do Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, so here it is again. This song could be the anthem for a proud nation of freeloaders. Please sing along proudly.

images-4 images-5 images-6

Ain’t gonna work for the railroad

Ain’t gonna work for the farm

I’m gonna lay around the shack

‘Til the mail train gets back

Gonna roll in my sweet baby’s arms……