Greetings and welcome back to the Bumbastories Monday Magazine, the first of the year 2015. What a year already! News Commentary Section imagesLast Night I Had the Strangest Dream

In the study of history wars are typically the focus. Such and such war, the War of 1812 for example, began on such a date, set off by such and such an incident, brought on by such and such factors. Rarely do we hear about the onset of peace: an agreement reached among peoples, a move toward peace and reconciliation. Out of the horrors of the terrorists, out of the shock, can rise a new esprit among common people – who seek simply to live in peace and in freedom. Je suis Charlie. Nous sommes Charlie. Let there be unity. Let there be peace. Separation of church and state does not necessarily place the State over Religion. People can still be as religious as they like in whatever religion they chose (or don’t choose) in a secular democracy. The religious rights (and rites, sorry) of all are guaranteed by law. Indeed, a fully-realized spiritual life can be facilitated by a society in which freedom prevails. The marriage of religion to the state has generally been marked by tyranny. Queen Isabella and the Catholic Church are an example of one such “marriage”. A simple act of reason and good sense is required today to break the chain of violence and suffering. Perhaps it is not too late. Perhaps the time indeed has come when people of good will and good sense can band together to create a better world. If we are to flourish as a species on this planet, this quantum leap – not of faith but of reason and sensibility – is necessary. I am Charlie. Nous sommes Charlie.