Oh, Oh! Another bloody Monday Magazine!
Well, I always say to make sure to eat a high-fiber diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables.
Yes, Bumba is relentless. And he is apparently so desperate for material that he’s using the cement elephant jokes again. Talk about re-cycling!
Nada, Franklin. No conclusions, no nothin'.
Personally, I don’t think the cement animal sculpture jokes are very funny. Well, at least from my current mud-bound perspective….
I disagree. My opinion is that these cement animal jokes have their merits. But then again what value can the opinion of an inanimate cement anmal sculpture possibly possess?
I resemble that remark!
I resemble that remark!

News/Weather SoCal Update

Weather in California has been unseasonably warm with high tides at the beach yesterday. The water seems warmer this winter. Will 2015 be an El Nino year? The Bumbastories weather team remained optimistic.

Book Review: The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson (1992)

The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson is a fine book of course. Everything I’ve read or seen by the celebrated Prof. Wilson has been excellent, often enlightening. Yes, the beauty of science, the beauty of our life-filled world, as explained by a great scientist, is tremendously enlightening. And Prof. Wilson is gifted as a writer and educator as well as a scientist.

I was introduced to Wilson via the TV shows he’s done for public television. The documentary Lord of the Ants, etc, etc. He’s been on Charlie Rose a number of times; he’sย  a media celebrity in his way. He has been activel in the fight for the preservation of Nature’s astounding number and variety of animal and plant species, for the maintenance of biodiversity, which he so aptly explains is in the self-interest of our species.

The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson is not for the beginner. Indeed, the book is filled with detailed, somewhat technical research data, as he describes his own field studies, analyzes archeological records, population distributions etc. As a true scientist he seeks unifying principles, grander scientific laws. Wilson, with his home-spun Alabama/Harvard charm, is a top-notch scientist, and it is a pleasure to see him at work. His new book The Meaning of Human Existence was released several months ago month, and the Bumbastories staff is Johnny on the spot – and promises to have a review ready for the Magazine by late summer.

Sad Songs

We’ve talked about it before. Sad songs are among the best. Here’s a sad one for you to sing along with: The House of the Rising Sun. Once again a great American folksong takes us down to New Orleans…. There is a house in New Orleans….

A pleasant week to all!