A few weeks ago I wrote: “They’re out as ebooks! Both One Life One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles and its sequel The Phantom Speaks The Phantom Speaksare now available as ebooks on Amazon Kindle for $0.99!”

With apologies, I need to confess that The Phantom Speaks didn’t come out right as an ebook. The illustrations didn’t format correctly. The text is OK, but the drawings are the wrong sizes and sometimes absent altogether. I’ve been unable so far to correct it or to remove the listing from Amazon Kindle. However, One Life is still available as an ebook. And for 99¢!

Both novels are still available in hard copy. Get them via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. See The Bumba Books Page. I am trying to sell these books as cheaply as possible so that people will read them. The best price for the hardcopies is direct from Bumba via Paypal, where you will also receive a complementary (that’s free!) copy of the author’s own recording of Chester’s Songs, a soundtrack or companion CD to the One Life/Phantom Speaks saga. Check out your options at Bumba Books.