George Packard had been out of town for nearly a week. Directly upon his return home (actually, a few days passed), George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories, set out in search of a Breaking News scoop. George headed for the beach. George’s journalistic instincts were not always the best.

Once again it was unseasonably warm in Los Angeles. George rode his bicycle through the mid-day traffic. The traffic gets worse and worse observed George. It was nearly impassable. But bad traffic is no big news, no scoop, thought George. Likewise, this heat. George hopped a #28 bus to Century City, rode for a while on Pico Blvd., and then opted for the #7 to the beach. It was tough going, it was a very hot day. Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in February! George had read long ago that an increase in storms and erratic weather would be the first effects of global warming. Bad times ahead, thought George. The people had better re-gain control of the government before it’s too late, thought George. George pedalled on.

George Packard, it must be admitted, was fully cognizant that his search for a Breaking News scoop would not be best served by his long and lazy visits to the beach. Truth be told, George preferred breaking waves to Breaking News.