The Day I Didn’t Get No Likes, or The Day I Didn’t Get Any Likes. Either way, I thought it would make a cool title for one of those blog pieces, something people would relate to. I thought I’d make it a humorous piece. Something like….

OMG! I didn’t get no likes today. Like I’m going CRAZY. Really. This is serious. I checked my phone eight times already! Nothing. No likes, not a single comment – not even a comment about another comment! OMG! This is terrible. OMG, no likes!!…….

….Something like that. So went the little story.

And then it actually happened. My worst nightmare! It came true! Today. It happened! I didn’t get no likes! Immediately and directly I wrote a poem:

I didn’t get any likes today
No comments, no views
No mentions, no news

I was depressed
I thought my life would end
I was cast off
Adrift without a friend

I walked down the street in a daze
Nostalgic for my better days
I crossed the street, got hit by two trucks
No likes today
Today really sucks!