imagesThis song talks about having bad times, but also talks of better times.  Somehow, Woody Guthrie was always encouraging. Woody Guthrie said something to the effect that he hated songs that make you feel like you’re not worth anything, and that he was there to fight those kinds of songs. It was true. Woody Guthrie was clearly something special in American music, someone who swam against the tide and who took on all comers. We’re still singing his songs. All of Woody’s songs told you that every person, no matter what kind of work he did, or where he came from, rich or poor, that every one had rights. Woody was not one to roll over and watch reality TV. So this song, so kindly sung by Bumba and Maybank, says “I’m going down the road feeling bad, but I ain’t gonna be treated thissa way”. Woody changed the lyrics a bit on this old folk song, something he did very often. That’s how he wrote ’em. Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and others continued this tradition, this process of “writing” songs. So every body can do it. Write, sing, play.

“Keep playin’ that country music”