imageMy friend Mark – or should I say my former friend Mark? – and I had the following conversation this morning.

Mark: “I read your post yesterday. A grammar school joke you called it! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Let me tell you, it wasn’t funny. What’s the point of making all kinds of cheap and senseless puns and innuendoes about various punctuation points?

Me: “Is that a question, Mark?”

“Yikes, another dumb punctuation joke,” Mark exclaimed pointedly. And then Mark passed out.

I asked politely: “Are you commatose, Mark?”

Mark looked up. I saw his ellipsis move …….I mean I saw his lips move. He rose to his feet. I guess he suffered no vergule.

He said “Dash it all, Bumba! Am I crazy, or are you going to make a stupid pun out of every punctuation mark there is?”

“Tell me, Mark. which question do you want me to answer first?”

“Bumba, you need to have your grammar examined in depth!”

“You mean a colonoscopy?”(Maybe just a semi-colonoscopy)” I added parenthetically as poor Mark dashed off ———–.