Here’s to blind ambition! The desire to “get ahead”, “move up”, “make a mark in the world”, “be a success” Pretty boring stuff, ain’t it? Blind Ambition, now that I mention it, was a terrific book by John Dean about Watergate. images images-2More recently, John Dean Dean has written several other fine books. Nixon’s presidential counsel turned out to be hero, a diamond in the rough. Hurray for John Dean. Anyhow, I was talking about ambition. Like anything else, it all depends on what you’re looking for, what your goals in life are. And then it depends on how much you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals. And that all depends on…… ho hum…. Anywaze, here’s a song about a lower-class, red-neck, sort of ambition. And a fine and laudable ambition it is! Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, a country classic, sung here by Bumba and Maybank just yesterday is a fun song, and an inspiration to those of us whose ambition is to “lay around the shack til the mail train comes back”.

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