I sent this photo to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her to use on her Friday Fictioneers 100-word fiction challenge, which I see she did. I thought it was a good photo prompt. However, I myself, being a lazy SOB, didn’t write any story to accompany it. imageOK, better late than never.

The light ahead was finally visible, within reach. Only a few steps more and Morris would be free. There was no going back. Steadily he advanced. His steps echoed eerily in the dark, dank subterranean passageway. Actually, to tell the truth, it was only a pedestrian underpass. It was a Thursday and Morris was going to the beach, and he had chanced upon this underpass that went under the Pacific Coast Highway. But never mind. Morris saw the passageway metaphorically. It was his pathway to freedom. Morris had always been a bit dramatic, an artist no less. Ah, freedom. Sweet freedom.