images-3Fighting a Losing Battle But Having a Lot of Fun Trying to Win

is one of the finest song lyrics I know. It’s one of my favorites; Maybank and I were playing it the other night, so here it is again. I’ve also posted on x and z. It’s even on that Up in the Bronx/Down in LA CD that I recorded to accompany my first novel of the same name, as I used to play it in the Bronx. (Scroll down on the Bumba Books page)

You know it’s hard to love another man’s girlfriend
Can’t see her when you want to, got to see her when you can
I may be fighting a losing battle, but I’m having a lot of fun trying to win

I thought it over
These two points of view
You know a one-way lovin
Ain’t no good for two.
We may be fighting a losing battle….

I watch the sun come up and I watch it fade away
All I ever seem to have are these sleepless nights and endless days.

I asked that woman: Should I go away?
Your man wants me to leave
Do you want me to stay?
I may be fighting a losing battle, but having a lot of fun trying to win.

Brownie McGee wrote this one back in the late fifties or sixties. He uses this progression on several songs, and it is a great one. If you like this, check out Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry.