Just Talking To Myself

Yesterday, while riding the bicycle, I had a brief conversation with my inner self. I can’t say that I’ve heard his voice, the voice of my inner self, very often before, but yesterday we happened to have ourselves a little talk. I’d been riding a long while on the bicycle path, and my thoughts and fancies while I pedalled had been many (in fact they were all over the place, like they usually are). Suddenly, and quite out of the blue, the voice, my inner voice, said to me:

“Bumba, tell me. Of what value are all those thoughts and ruminations you just had?”

I considered the question for a minute. “None that I can think of,” I had to respond at last.

As I rode on, I tried to recollect all those things I had just been thinking about. What I found was that I could not recall very much at all – even though I did recall that several of the thoughts and images had been very interesting, even important to me at the time.

“You see,” said the voice. “You’ve forgotten most of it anywaze.”

He was right.

“So,” the voice continued, “Why don’t you just meditate straight ahead and stop thinking?” Again, to this I could not respond.

I headed for the beach. IMG_1028

9 thoughts on “Just Talking To Myself

  1. Inner voices always seem more grounded, they always seem a bit smug to me, the beach is always a perfect antidote, that or booze.

  2. a most philosophical voice – well worth listening to. Makes a change from the inner critic

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