This month’s semi-weekly Bumbastories Monthly Magazine features

1) a new Blues song

2) an As I Sat On The Bus poem about an sunny afternoon,

3) another Science Report piece about the importance of time (Hurry up and read it!)

4) and a very short story called The Job Interview. Read on.

*****************The Blues

Good Morning Blues is a simple blues that I’ve just “written” or “composed”. I say “written”and I say “composed”, but nothing is ever new when it comes to the blues. It’s all been done before. There are numerous morning blueses. I don’t know why, but I like the phrase “Good morning, blues. Blues how do you do?” So that’s enough explanation about the song.

In addition to the morning blues there are many other blues varieties (to suffer or sing your way through: to wit: the Two O’clock in the Morning Blues (quite different from the Morning Blues, although both share A.M. designation), the Low-Down Blues, the St. Louis Blues, the House of the Rising Sun Blues, Brown’s Ferry Blues, Yodeling Blues, Blues My Naughty Sweety Gives to Me Blues, C-Jam Blues, Stranger Blues, Deep River Blues…..anyhoo, here’s the song


Here’s a poem written on the bus IMG_0671

Afternoon Poem

To unfinished afternoons

In the sun


And out of step

We walked

Through meadows of plenty


Science Report

As I waited for the #28 bus I thought about time. I said to myself: “Gee whiz, it’s about time that that 28 bus should come!” But seriously, ladies and germs, the more I think about it, the more important it becomes to get a handle on the concept of time.

Science has surely shaped – and continues to shape – our concept of time. In only a few centuries we’ve greatly increased out sophistication not only in measuring time,images-4 but also in appreciating its extent. Time, which began together with space at the creation, has expanded for over 13.5 billion years. That’s a long time! The puny little human calendars we use go back just a few thousand years, only a millionth of 13 billion.

With the benefit of enough time, galaxies can be born from the vast reaches of empty space. Given enough time, life can even emerge (thank goodness!). Given enough time, everything comes full circle, things interact, stars collide etc. All our atoms and energy waves trace their lineage back to the Big Bang. So, we all have a lot in common with each other – and with everything living and non-living, that exists. Small world! images


“Had we world enough and time This coyness, lady, were no crime.”

And, given enough time, maybe the 28 bus will come!


The Job Interview

Francisco was feeling a bit chipper this morning. He’d just knocked off the Sudoko in record time, and he was brimming with confidence and optimism. He emerged from the Starbucks and stretched his arms out wide to receive the “blessings of the sun”. Francisco had heard about the blessings of the sun on a yoga video. The morning sky was still overcast but never mind. Francisco felt his chest swell with confidence as he walked down one block and then turned the corner. He stepped gingerly into the spacious lobby of the X Corp’s spanking-new office building. The elevator took him to the fifteenth floor. Francisco was right on time for his job interview. Wish him luck! ***********************************