images-3“Hey! What’s all this fuss about NASA and these so-called “New Horizons” space explorations? What do we need that stuff for, anyway? Is that what they do with my taxes? Personally, I’ve seen enough. Enough photos, enough information. Don’t we have enough problems down here on earth? What do I care about Pluto? Pluto shmuto! What do I care what the other planets are made of? Frozen methane? That’s impossible. I mean, what it says in the Bible is good enough for me. Ya know, the lights in the firmament. It’s nicer, it’s prettier, it’s easier. I liked it that way better. But now they want to tell us that each planet is different, each with a different history and chemical composition and all that. Each planet with its own evolution. Let me tell you, I don’t care for that word, evolution. Because all I know is what the Scriptures tell me. I mean, I’m not saying there’s not a role for science. Like that MRI machine that saved Aunt Flora’s life. And all that other hospital equipment. Plus the cell phones and blue tooths, and plasma TV’s. Technology has its place, but I don’t believe everything they’re saying about climate change and planets. OK, it’s the same technology. Nevermind. I don’t care. I don’t understand it. I’m not even going to look at those fake photos of Pluto.images-2