A Lingering Look at Architecture

Dawn Miller at Lingering Look asks us to contribute photos of noteworthy architecture. August’s category is colleges and universities, which for me is easy since I went to Harvard! Not that I attended any classes there! I just say I went there – just long enough to snap this photo. And while I’m being snobbish, let me set the record straight: I went to City College of NY, a far better school. But give the Harvard guys credit. It’s a beautiful campus.


4 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Architecture

  1. That’s good, but the main thing is you save me a piece of peach cake. Not that I’m a Harvard man, but are you serving coffee?

  2. Harvard is indeed a beautiful campus, though when I was there it was pouring with rain. You’ve captured its dreamy sunshine. But what I liked best (since it was raining) was the Peabody Museum, which not only (tangentially) reminds of Cary Grant up a dinosaur in Bringing Up Baby, but also has a fantastical collection of botanical specimens all magically wrought in glass.

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