Bumbastories continues its march through the numbers. What for? you ask. Or was that “What four?”Well, we like numbers. We’re fortunate to have the four. Thank goodness we have the four corners of the universe, the four winds, the four Marx brothers (OK, it was five with Gummo, it was three later on), the four horsemen, the four musketeers, George Foreman, oops. Then there’s the four-bagger, the home run! Ah, the baseball diamond! Don’t forget the four questions, the four seasons, and the Four Tops. Stomp stomp stomp stmp. One- two – three – four. Hurray for the four! Hurray four tesselations. Walk up the sidewalk in the photo gallery.

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There are a million of applications of the four. Think of all the doggies, all those herds of zebra standing around on four legs. Four, quatro, fier, arba is the first real square after 1, which squared is still 1 anyhow. But 2 squared is 4 It’s the first real square, and it manifests itself in space. The square makes for easy tesselations, as you see.