Even though she amazed us yesterday with her beautiful piece about the 9, Marina Kanavaki points out that we posted the 9’s post yesterday, the 8th day of September. But today is 9/9! The ninth day of the ninth month! We need to addend yesterday’s post on the nine. Today is coming up nines.

A Happy September and a Happy 9th of September to the wide world!

All the same, I wish someone would explain to me why cats have 9 lives. I clearly recall that, as a 4 or 5-yr old, I just couldn’t understand it. Because I also heard them say that cats always land on their feet. I thought maybe that’s how they do it, you know, live so long. They land on their feet. Still, if you dropped a cat from a high enough building, you wouldn’t have a cat, you’d have a splat. (Sorry ’bout that, but already at an early age I was a dog person). They also said that curiosity killed the cat, and then they said that satisfaction brought him back. It’s no wonder that I’m such a confused person.

Before we leave the subject of the nine, we must call on the Nine Graces (yes, Nove Gracias) to help us make more interesting posts in the future IMG_1279 ….. and then let’s make a quick stop at the 99 cents store.

A re-post from an old Bumbastories Magazine


Here’s to the bargain hunter’s paradise: the 99 cents store, where job lots, but also very decent merchandise, often the identical products they have in the supermarket! are offered at half, sometimes a third of the price. In terms of consumer awareness, the 99 cent stores have been highly educational. We shoppers didn’t realize just how badly we were being ripped off.

The first 99 cents store, which is located in Los Angeles on 6th St. just around the corner from the one pictured below, opened in 1982. Dave Gold, a retailer who lived in the neighborhood, founded the store and quickly built the 99 cent store into a huge corporation, which went public in the nineties and which sold in 2011, after Dave’s death, for $1.5 billion.

Hats off to the 99 cents only store, a venerable and venerated Los Angeles institution. To our great sorrow and disappointment, the 99 cents store now sells things for over a dollar. The packages are also smaller than they used to be. But generally they try to stick to the 99 cents standard.

The stores are perhaps a bit more hectic than most. It’s not a store for the upper classes or for the creme de la creme of LA society, which is fine with me. But overall, like I said, every one I know likes the 99 cents store. And everybody has their favorite 99 cents items. For me it’s the pretzels, the LED flashlights, also the dollar watermelons, the cookies, the toothpaste (and you’ll need the toothpaste after those cookies) …….All items that cost double at the pharmacy or super.

So a hearty 99 thanks to the 99 cents store.image