imageAs I sat on the bus, the idea of another Bumbastories Magazine, this time for the month of October, ran through my mind, such as it is.

The recent news events have me in a whirl. This week’s shooting in Roseburg, Oregon is so troubling. I heard clips of President Obama’s speech. I share his anger, and I’m glad to see he’s finally showing some balls. It’s criminal what the NRA and Republicans have been doing to the United States. It’s screamingly obvious that the number of deaths and tragedies could be significantly reduced with some strong gun control legislation and better mental health services. The Second Amendment is obsolete; they exploit it. The right to bear arms, to defend yourself and to be free from arbitrary government searches should not extend to the right to possess assault weapons and to hunt deer with AK 47s. It’s unnerving that the weapons manufacturers have so much power.

The refugee crises, the goings-on in the U.N., the Pope’s magnificent visit to the U.S. There’s been a lot of news. There are occasional  moments of grace and of hope (What a pope!), but overall, it don’t look good, sports fans.

Let’s move on.

Here’s a Sing Along, Let It Be

Next and lastly, a brief Report from Bumbastories Magazine Roving Reporter George Packard. IMG_1572

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories was still out there roving, looking for a news scoop. He noticed that the price of gasoline had dropped to under three dollars for the first time in almost a year. No scoop there, thought George. Everybody can see the signs (see sign above). Except for the fact that the price of crude oil has fallen over 50% in the past few months! The math isn’t right, is it? You’d figure a 50% drop would cause a decrease larger than a fifteen or twenty, right? Still, it’s good that the price of oil is falling, mused George. For over the long run it will fall, as people learn to conserve a bit and as other clean energy sources are developed. Shell Oil abandonned their $5 billion Arctic drilling project. It just ain’t worth it for them. The price of oil is going down. That’s for sure, thought George. But the way the price gets fixed, that algorithm that gets slapped together on somebody’s calculator, or maybe in that plush conference room, yeah, that would be a scoop, thought George.