images-1 “Hey George, do you believe in lucky numbers?”

George Packard, retired schoolteacher and ace roving reporter for Bumbastories, slowly laid his pencil down onto a large sheet of paper filled with elaborate doodles titled “The Big Scoop”. The Bumbastories newsroom and suite of offices was quiet this late Thursday afternoon.

“Huh?” he responded at last. Leaning back in his chair he added,

“Well heck, Bumba, I suppose everybody in the world believes in luck – in one form or another. They just can’t help themselves. Personally, I’d say that luck is one of those superstitions or false notions that….”

Bumba interrupted: “Me, too…. But it’s funny, George. Yesterday morning, 324 happened to come up as the number of my locker at the gym….”


“Yeah. You know, 24 was Willie Mays’ number. Plus 324, it’s such a sweet batting average… I don’t know. I just kinda like it.”

“Well,” commented George Packard soberly, “Willie Mays was certainly a great player. I loved Mays too. And 3 times 2 times 4 takes you back to 24 again.”

“Whatever. The thing is: the moment I saw 324 on the tag of that locker key, I smiled and I said to myself ‘This is my lucky day, by gum! Something good is going to happen.”

“Well, did anything good happen?”

“Naah, nothin!”

“Too bad, Bumba.”