End of October, Non-Halloween Magazine

IMG_1487Note from the editor:

Although it is already common knowledge by now that this editor is a “bah-humbug”, misanthropic sort of individual, let me clearly state that neither this “End of October Magazine” nor any other Bumbastories Magazine has much patience for theΒ  Halloween nonsense that is heaped upon us come October 31st. So, if you were looking for candy corn, you should get off at the next stop.

This editor, as well as the large majority of the Bumbastories staff, is nonplussed by the commercialism and overall ugliness of the Halloween merchandising – not to mention all those greedy little kids (accompanied by their parents!) begging for more and more candy, the expensive costumes they have to buy, the face paint, the fixation with being scared, the inexplicable need to decorate nice clean lawns with silly decorations. See below a photo of the winner of the “Dumbest Guy on the Block Award”.IMG_1600****************************************

However, lotsa sports news. It’s the World Series, by gum! And the NBA season has begun! Hurray! On the political front we are subjected to a never-ending stream of American election coverage; the election season is nearly two years long. And this year the candidates are surreal. It’s hard to believe/accept. Perhaps the Republican Party will split. The Republican Party ought to just do everyone a favor and go away. Here’s a song.


A pleasant end of October to you!

And don’t forget to set back your clocks this weekend.





13 thoughts on “End of October, Non-Halloween Magazine

  1. Well, Stephen, I used to like Halloween a lot more than I do now. The candy is an American travesty as far as I am concerned. I do like the autumn atmosphere though, if only it would dip below 90 degrees. May I say, Go Mets? I am a huge Mets fan. πŸ˜€

  2. !!!! If it’s any consolation in this part of our planet we do not celebrate Halloween. [At least not until sometime in January – not that I look forward however! πŸ˜‰ ]
    We’re also happily already enjoying the RETURN OF THE STOLEN HOUR!!!!!! [since last Sunday]
    The dreaded DST is gone! Let us enjoy the next 6 months without it! πŸ™‚
    Happy weekend, my friend and happy welcoming of the lost hour!

        1. P.S. Someone happened to tell me that they already moved the clocks back in Europe. But I went with the American version of the story, and for this I apologize. The ethnocentric, Americo-centric perspective (and when I say American I mean United States as if Canada, Mexico and a dozen other countries don’t exist) is somehow rude and disrespecful to the rest of the world. But I know you will forgive me. πŸ™‚

        2. he-he-he… we have the hour back a week earlier than you!!!!!
          Actually you are luckier because you have tomorrow morning to look forward to when you’ll have an extra hour in bed! πŸ˜‰

  3. Well, I won’t wish you a Happy Halloween then. I’ll just say, “Boo!”

    I’ll be headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers first home game tonight. I’m mostly in it for the popcorn and beer. πŸ˜‰

  4. Happy bah-humbugging to you, Bumba. As a halloween babe (as in born on the) I too dislike all that tat and razzamatazz which we Brits are intent on copying from your side of the pond. I shall get out my broomstick and blitz it away. Wheeeee – watch my dust, as Dizzy was wont to say. Or should that be: watch me dust…Either way, a clean sweep is needed.

    1. You can’t blame America for acting American (well, maybe you can), but you Brits ought to be ashamed of yourselves for wanting to copy all the time. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday!

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