Bumbastories is proud to make available to the reading and listening public both the book Up in the Bronx and the accompanying soundtrack CD Up in the Bronx and Down in L.A.

This “aesthetically rewarding” combination of a literary novel together with a soundtrack of songs performed by the author – so as to complement and illuminate the Up in the Bronx story!…. well, these things don’t come around every day.

Bumbastories is presenting both the book and the CD for purchase at historically unprecedented prices. (Well, it’s the lowest I’ve seen them)

The novel is available for just $15 (which includes all domestic (USA) shipping and handling). Pick up the CD for just $8 (includes S&H) Buy ’em both for just $20 bucks (includes all domestic S&H). And after all that handling, I hope you will click on the picture of the book pictured below to be the first in your borough………..And when you click, scroll to the bottom for purchase info for Up in the Bronx