Inspiration, Religion, Polytheism, and Cement Animal Sculptures

OK. I confess to letting everyone down. I relapsed.

As you may know from previous posts, I announced, indeed I proclaimed, last year IMG_0416that I was going “cold turkey” – although in this case I suppose I should have said “cold elephant” – in regard to and vis-à-vis my spiritual attachment to cement animal sculptures. I even publicly (on this very blog!) renounced and forswore any further contact or association with the cement elephants (Franklin and Hubert in particular) and/or with any other animal sculptures of any species.

But here I was. I was still searching for my faith, still groping in the dark. Alas and alack, so desperate had I become in my search, nay my quest, for spiritual inspiration that I had now fallen under the sway of a vast panopoly of cement animal structures! Yikes! My search for religion and true understanding had led me to polytheism: the belief in many gods. Wasn’t one god bad enough?



My disappointment in myself and in my so-called “faith”, was enough to make a grown man cry. Click here on Cryin Time written by Buck Owens, but sung by Bumba and Maybank, and sing along as spiritually and as inspirationally as possible.






7 thoughts on “Inspiration, Religion, Polytheism, and Cement Animal Sculptures

  1. Polytheism, the great soap opera in the sky. I wonder what is holding that lion’s attentive gaze, that zebra seems ready to take full advantage.

    1. The pantheon of worshippable gods reaches to the heavens. My horoscope said….Thanks for visiting and thanks for seeking inspiration, albeit from idle worship.

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